Best Rowing Machine 2018 – Buyers Guide and Reviews

rowing machine reviews guide 2016

Let me first tell you that:

If you are planning or wondering to buy a rowing machine, then-

Just do it & BUY one! ?

Why? Because rowing is considered as the best cardio and full body workout. That automates 9 major muscular groups … Read more

Kettler Stroker Rowing Machine Review – Good Or Bad?

kettler stroker rowing machine review

You are here it means you intend to buy Kettler Stroker rowing machine.

If you are looking for a good rowing machine just under a budget of $700 Kettler Stroker could be a good bet.

But before making any buying decision let’s dig out some pros and cons associated with Kettler Stroker rowing machine … Read more

How Rowing Machine Can Help You Build Abs + A Workout Tip (Video)

concepts model d indoor rower features

You might wonder, how rowing can actually help you build abs.

In this post you’ll learn about:

“how to build abs using a rowing machine” and “some other benefits of rowing”

There is no doubt that rowing is a very good full body workout Read more

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine Review With Live Rowing App

Concept2Model D and live rowing app review

This Concept2 Model D indoor rowing machine review covers almost all the aspects that you should concern before buying an indoor rower.

And you should invest your 10 minutes reading this review … Read more

Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399 Review | An Affordable Indoor Rower

 Stamina Air Rower 1399 ReviewIf you are looking to buy a personal rowing machine under $300 and need some solid review to make the perfect buy, then you are in the right place. This rower can deliver the same performance as that of costly ones.

The Stamina Air Rower 1399 could be the good bargain if you don’t want to invest high … Read more

Different Types of Rowing Machines

types of rowing machines

Rowing machines or ‘ergs’ are mainly classed on the type of resistance it offered. And there are four main types of rowing machines air, hydraulic, water and magnetic.

An indoor rower works when you pull out the handle and slide back on the machine. In starting phase the resistance is set on low to row faster and with ease Read more

Benefits of Exercising on Rowing Machine – Simply Great for Full Body Activity

Rowing Machine Benefits

As you may all know that an Indoor Rower replicates the working of rowingwhich is a well-known water sport.

Rowing is also considered as a great cardio and strength workout that works for 9 major muscle groups.

Regular rowing helps to lose weight and keeps fit Read more